Bidston Hill - Jewel of Wirrals Crown

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Our Dockland

Bidston Village & Hill

Birkenhead 1

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Saughall Massie

Wallasey 1

Wallasey 2

The Wirral Horn

West Wirral

Thanks to Andrew Barr and his members on Facebook Groups for some images I 'nicked'

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many sites have vanished over time and can no longer be found
My special thanks to Kenneth Burnley for his permission to reproduce from:

Portrait of Wirral by Kenneth Burnley, Hale Publications & Images of Wirral by Kenneth Burnley & Guy Huntingdon. The Silver Birch Press.

And a big thanks to Colin Schroeder from Greasby.

Thanks also to Professor Stephen Harding. Nottingham University, for your time and emails over the 2013 Xmas holiday
This is an amateur 'hobby' site, I do not claim to be 100% correct all the time. I reply on research and emails from which I get much information and images. I also have had help from 'real' experts like Prof Stephen Harding, Colin Schroeder and Ken Burnley. not forgetting Andrew Barr! -Video